I'm not following your suggestion here. What does a call to that particular 
method have to do with being able to set a breakpoint in Eclipse debugging 
(Super Dev Mode) to walk through the GWT application? 

What I am seeing is that the breakpoint in the EntryPoint class apparently 
is *not attached to the debugging session* (no tick mark), but the one in 
DevMode class does. I had previously created a GWT project using Eclipse 
plugin's wizard where I check marked generate code which resulted in 
creation of bunch of client and server classes (bare bone stuff). I was 
able to run the debugger with breakpoints set (and actually working) with 
that one, but not with this simple HTML module which does have an 
EntryPoint (just like the one created by the wizard).
I'm thinking if there is no RPC call between the client and server, then 
the debugging would not work with breakpoints, such as in this case where 
there is a simple HTML with nocache.js only.

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 2:26:46 PM UTC-4, zakaria amine wrote:
> are you using Eclipse breakpoints? I think you have to use GWT.*debugger 
> <>*()
> method. 
> Le dimanche 16 octobre 2016 19:10:55 UTC+2, Namline a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to debug a very simple HTML GWT module in Eclipse, but the 
>> breakpoint in my EntryPoint class does not get hit! I have the following 
>> setup:
>> GWT version: 2.7
>> Eclipse version: Mars 4.5.2
>> Chrome version: 53
>> Running mode: Super Dev Mode (debug)
>> My module contains a simple HTML file with one EntryPoint (It's a 
>> proverbial HelloWorld). The application starts normally when I do Run As 
>> Super Dev Mode or Debug As Super Dev Mode, and I see server's and client's 
>> URL's and ports with no errors. I can navigate to the application HTML URL 
>> (Chrome v53), see my simple Label, and even recompile and see the changes 
>> if I modify the EntryPoint class which contains that simple Label.
>> I have set my argument's log level to DEBUG (see tons of loading various 
>> modules) and even check marked Debug As Configuration to stop at the main 
>> method. The thing is, when I run the application in Debug Super Dev Mode 
>> for the first time to start the core server, I can see the breakpoint 
>> stopping in DevMode class' main() method (not afterward though when I make 
>> changes to the EntryPoint and recompile by refreshing the browser). But 
>> when I set a breakpoint in my EntryPoint's onModuleLoad(), it gets ignored!
>> How can I get the server to put a hook on my EntryPoint?

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