I don't know why this user group requires approval to post comments, but I 
think in my reply to Zakaria, I mentioned that I was able to invoke Eclipse 
debugging if there is a server side code, e.g. RemoteServiceServlet (and 
that's what I was seeing). But you are right; the client side does not run 
in a JVM so the session cannot be attached to the running client "Java" 
code which is basically a JavaScript after all running in the browser.

That being said, my understanding is that with ClassicDevMode, apparently 
it was possible to trace the client code too (that's according to the 
content of GWT in Action, 2nd Edition). So I thought SuperDevMode is also 
capable of doing the same.

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 3:46:59 PM UTC-4, Jens wrote:
> SuperDevMode compiles your Java source transparently to JavaScript, it 
> never executes your Java source code directly in a JVM. So Java break 
> points in your GWT app will never work.
> That means with SuperDevMode you can only debug your code using the 
> browser, as thats the one who actually executes the final JS code. You can 
> either set break points in your browsers dev tools or install the Eclipse 
> plugin "SDBG" which allows you to set break points in your IDE which are 
> then synchronized to the browser.
> -- J.

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