> our gwt application is single page i have lot of tabs and dashboard ,i 
> want a global event which capture all the event with widget name.
> is It possbile in GWT?

You can globally listen for event previews using 
Event.addNativePreviewEvent() but that probably won't help you a lot as you 
will only see target elements of the underlying native browser event 
instead of widgets (browser doesn't know anything about widgets). Figuring 
out which widget belongs to any given element isn't really doable. What 
might be possible is to add custom attributes to, e.g. your tab, and once 
you have received a native preview event visit each parent of the target 
element until you find one having your custom attribute. Such an attribute 
could be data-tracking="page:my-page" or similar.

Otherwise you need a general abstraction of pages in your app. For example 
if you use GWT Places you could treat each PlaceChangeEvent (globally fired 
on the event bus) as a page view (using the place token as identification). 
If you only use GWTs History class and somehow generate history tokens on 
your own you can do the same by listening on the History using 

If you don't have such a concepts in your app then you are probably out of 
luck and the only solution is to call the ga() method manually in each 
event handler (tab selections, anything that changes your "pages").

-- J.

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