recently we upgraded one of our applications that has around 300k LOC from 
gwt-2.5.1 and old gwt maven plugin to gwt-2.8.2 and tbroyer maven plugin, 
the upgrade went almost smooth and we had no issues with codeserver. the 
only issues we had were related to old version of GXT having classes not 
working with new gwt, but since we have no plans to upgrade gxt and knowing 
that any upgrade will be a breaking change we went an patched the 3 classes 
causing the issue.

we have been working on the new version for 2 weeks so far and things are 

On Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 11:32:35 AM UTC+3, Slick Technologies wrote:
> I have a huge code base written in GWT. What you guys think about general 
> future of the framework.

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