The previous thread for this issue is no longer taking new posts, but
after receiving a few emails, I wanted to follow up on this issue.

In short, it manifests itself as Widget.element and sometimes other
fields appearing to be null in cases where they shouldn't be.  For
example, immediately after being assigned a non-null value.  (The real
value shows up later on.)

This occurs sporadically, and only on Firefox 3. It seems to occur
within a constructor (e.g. soon after the object was created). What I
believe is happening is that the value from the prototype is being
used instead of the value on the object itself, possibly due to some
kind of property caching within Firefox. We're seeing this a _lot_ on
our application in production.

The upstream bug for this issue is 449809,

Our current production application is silently ignoring these issues,
but reporting them back to us. This required a bunch of patching of
GWT and seems non-optimal.

The next release of our application is taking a different approach.
I've added the following code to UIObject, which seems to eliminate
all occurrences of this issue with the "element" field.

  public UIObject() {
       * FF3 HACK - we set this to null explicitly in the constructor
(rather than on the JS prototype),
       * hoping that the actual non-null setElement() will be more
likely to "take".
      element = null;

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