Well, the subject says everything, I would like to know how can I add
a MouseOutHandler to a FlexTable cell. I tried a lot of things but
none of them with success. I tried a wrap class:

    private class FlexTableTd extends Widget implements HasMouseOutHandlers,
            HasMouseOverHandlers {

        public FlexTableTd(Element element) {

        public HandlerRegistration addMouseOutHandler(MouseOutHandler handler) {
            return addHandler(handler, MouseOutEvent.getType());

        public HandlerRegistration
addMouseOverHandler(MouseOverHandler handler) {
            return addHandler(handler, MouseOverEvent.getType());

and I tried

FlexTableTd td = new FlexTableTd(table.getFlexCellFormatter().getElement(0, 0));

but it doesn't work.

Eduardo S. Nunes

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