This is occurring for us in the Arrays.mergeSort() code.  A reduced
testcase (which looks like the binarySearch code) is in the webkit bug
tracking system at:

It appears that in some complex expressions the right shift operator
is not evaluating correctly.  Assigning the result of the right shift
to a temporary variable and then using it appears to make the problem
go away.

As a temporary fix, we're patching to assign
the result of the right shift to a temporary variable before using it.
If you're using binary search you'd need to patch those functions as
well.  It's a bit of a hack, but it seems to work. I've included our
patch below, in case it is helpful to someone.

diff --git a/super/com/google/gwt/emul/java/util/ b/super/
index 89dcc33..b7ba6fa 100644
--- a/super/com/google/gwt/emul/java/util/
+++ b/super/com/google/gwt/emul/java/util/
@@ -1322,7 +1322,8 @@ public class Arrays {
     // recursively sort both halves, using the array as temp space
     int tempLow = low + ofs;
     int tempHigh = high + ofs;
-    int tempMid = tempLow + ((tempHigh - tempLow) >> 1);
+    int half = length >> 1;
+    int tempMid = tempLow + half;
     mergeSort(array, temp, tempLow, tempMid, -ofs, comp);
     mergeSort(array, temp, tempMid, tempHigh, -ofs, comp);

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