On Thursday, April 21, 2011 2:38:51 AM UTC-7, Jens wrote:
> After some research I figured out that GWT's PopupPanel is probably 
> responsible for that behavior. I have some wizard views which contain the 
> custom list mentioned before and these wizards use a PopupPanel which is 
> set to modal. I think there might be a bug in the way PopupPanels cancel 
> events if the PopupPanel is set to modal. 
> But its really strange that it only happens when the mouse cursor hovers 
> text inside a ScrollPanel inside a modal PopupPanel. So maybe its more a 
> WebKit bug.
I tracked this down by stepping through the code in a javascript debugger. 
 The issue is in PopupPanel.eventTargetsPopup().  The mouse scroll event is 
coming through with a target of type "Text" rather than "Element".   

(You'll notice that the scrolling stops on the text, but in the rest of the 
div containing the text.) 

Changing the code to the following seems to fix it:

  private boolean eventTargetsPopup(NativeEvent event) {
>     EventTarget target = event.getEventTarget();
>     if (Node.is(target)) {
>       return getElement().isOrHasChild(Node.as(target));
>     }
>     return false;
>   }

But it might be better to tweak DOMImplWebKit.eventGetCurrentTarget() to 
return the parent of the target if the target is of type Text. (In case 
other code is expecting EventTarget to be an Element.)


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