>What are the effects of having a sponsor and going non-profit?
>I.e.  What changes will be done inorder to make a profit?

I'm not sure I understand the question. The only changes are that
network connectivity will be provided by a sponsor, under their
"help-the-community" program. There is an acknowlegment to the
sponsor on the splash page and in the faq. I'm shipping my computer 
to the sponsor next week.

If I had wished to pursue a profit, there would have to be two
changes.  One is I'd probably have to find another source of network
connectivity, or re-negotiate the current agreement with the
sponsor. The other thing required would be revenue of more than $0.

While I can afford spending on hardware writing custom software out of
my pocket, I can no longer afford network connectivity out of
pocket. This is the most graceful way I could find to continue running
the service, in the absense of revenue.


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