>Where the subscription address for your discussion list?

To subscribe to the discussion list, send a letter to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] with the word "subscribe" as the body.

>>> You are removing email addresses from message header, but how
>>> about email addresses in message body?

>There's always a possibility of unknown or new type of spambots.  By
>the time these bots finally known, probably already too late to
>adding them to your UA exception list.  Poster addresses already
>successfully harvested.  Also, some unknown spambots might have
>morphing, or even disguised UA string (i.e. by using gateways).

Currently, spambots do not appear to be a problem. If they did become
a problem, the best answer might be password or certificate based
access controls, or one of the techniques described at

By the way, my current priority is working on performance improvements
for MHonArc and htdig to improve overall responsiveness of the system
(as described in the feature request section of the bug database).


---- please ignore spambot harvest-from-body detector below ----


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