Jeff Breidenbach ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) was saying something along these lines:

>Your list server is schizophrenic -- some headers say railcenter,
>some say roughstock, and they vary between messages. Ask your
>service provider to add "X-Mailing-List: [EMAIL PROTECTED]"
>(or the other name, choose one!) to the headers in the email messages.
>This will mark the messages with a consistant list name. Once this
>is accomplished, tell me, and I will merge the archives.


I wish I had direct conrol of the list server, but I don't. I wouild like 
to streamline things a bit and make it more predictable.

But in this case, I can add the X-header myself, and have done so. 
Hopefully this will keep things tidy from now on.

Thank you very, very much. You are to be commended for offering this 
service and support.

Best wishes,


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