So what's going on?

1) Paul's latest date patches have been applied. (Thanks, Paul!)

2) A new rcfile for [EMAIL PROTECTED] has been added, and the
   misdated raw email has been erased. The list will be rebuilt,
   but not until I take care of a disk which is now at 99%

3) A bunch of names were added to the bottom of the FAQ for
   acknowledgements, but I'm sure I forgot several. Who did
   I forget to include?

4) Htdig will now index the attachments. I didn't really want this, but
   I also don't want the administrative headache of running a patched
   MHonArc or a patched htdig, which is required for this sort of 
   functionality. I'll revisit this either when a future cersion of
   htdig becomes available, or if it turns out to be a problem.

5) For those interested, the service is now getting around 30,000 page
   views today. While much of that was altavista and friends
   doing indexing, a reasonable chunck is real people finding 
   information that they needed. It is a very good feeling knowing
   that your work is being used.

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