Hi all,

This probably doesn't affect anyone.

I just added a "report spamlist" button on archive infopages.
You can see an example here:


Despite inbound spam filtering, The Mail Archive is occaionally on
the receiving end of lists that are entirely unsolicited commercial
email. These are processed automatically and turned into
"spamarchives", which wastes resources and causes confusion.

I've noticed that occasionally a "spamarchive" gets things like
localization requests, which probably represents some frustrated
individual trying to flag an M-A admin. So as an experiment, I've
added the "report spamlist" button. Reports will be manually
inspected every so often.

We'll see if this is useful or not. I mainly want to give list
admins a heads up what the button is for. It is for reporting
spamlists, and not for individual spam messages inside an
otherwise working archive.


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