On Feb 16, 2017, at 1:48 AM, Jeff Breidenbach <j...@jab.org> wrote:
> In addition we have a max message size, which is currently set to 150KB.
> The reason for this is we had serious abuse issues with large messages
> back in the day, and also we don't really want to cater towards attachment 
> heavy mailing lists. A mailing list full of PowerPoint slides or similar 
> consumes
> thousands of times the resource of textual lists.

Makes perfect sense.

In this case, a large attachment was definitely the culprit.  Our user had sent 
a ~6MB text file attachment.  This happens occasionally on our lists -- we 
actually ask our users to send config.log or other such debugging files so that 
we can help diagnose their problems (Open MPI has a quite large configure 
script, and yes, it can produce a ~6MB config.log (!)).

In general, would it be possible to still archive the mail, but strip the large 
attachment?  Extra bonus points for replacing it with a smaller attachment 
containing text indicating that the large attachment had been stripped.  :-)

Jeff Squyres

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