Hello all,

the "Sandboxing - Linux & B2G" module currently has Julian Hector as the
owner. Julian has moved on to other security work outside Mozilla and is
no longer really available for work on it. In reality, the majority of
recent work in this module has been carried out by Jed Davis and myself.

I propose to remove Julian as the owner and replace him by Jed. (Julian
has already agreed to this)

The "Sandboxing" module was created to cover generic work that was not
platform specific, but the experience we have now from shipping
Sandboxing has shown that non-platform specific work for Sandboxing
usually ends up being done as improvements in other, existing
components, and that policies are more of an issue what is currently
technically feasible in those other components than anything else. Thus,
the module right now represents no code and no effort. So I propose it
be removed.

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