Dave Camp wrote:
I've been working with Mitchell and some other folks over the past few
months to better reflect Firefox technical leadership in the module
ownership system.  I think we're at a point where we're ready to make the
first proposal:
> [..]

awesome :)

It seems clear that the module system should document ownership for the
technical side of Firefox code, development practices, and tools.  We
propose to restructure the Firefox-related modules under control of a new
“Technical Leadership Module Committee” (TLMC), as described below.
> [..]

is part of this proposal to restructure the existing firefox-related modules, or will this just to add a new "top-level" module above the existing modules (thereby making a restructure easier if required)?

what is the proposed process for requesting feedback/decisions from the TLMC?

Appendix: Proposed List of Applicable Modules

there's a few modules listed as applicable at first glance appear to be obsolete:

   - Add-On SDK
   - Firefox for Metro
   - BrowserID

   - SyncLoop
i assume this is "Sync" and "Loop".  loop has been shutdown.

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