Are mentioned elsewhere, I will be switching focus to layout (once I've shipped 
block autoplay), and as such, I feel it's appropriate that the module ownership 
for Media Playback moves to someone who can dedicate their full attention to 

So I am pleased to announce that I'm passing on the Media Playback module 
ownership to Jean-Yves Avenard.

Jean-Yves is a force of nature in the media team, being pivotal to our team's 
success, and has an excellent knowledge of media systems. He's recently been 
doing most of the things a module owner does anyway, so I am sure the module 
will be in good hands!

I'll still be available to do media reviews and support, particularly for 
GMP/EME, but if you have any media playback related concerns, please reach out 
to jya first.

Congratulations Jean-Yves!

Chris Pearce.
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