Thanks for the quick reply.

I'd like to know any details about hardware requirements. I expect other sites 
would as well. If they're not sensitive, please share them.


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<<#459: How to add GPC sites to SNOW SHRINE network?
   What was discussed last week?>>


We had some initial discussions on such things as hardware requirements at UNMC 
to support a SHRINE Spoke.

UNMC is in the initial phase of determining how we would implement a SHRINE 
spoke, and how it would fit into our network.

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#459: How to add GPC sites to SNOW SHRINE network?
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 Tom, Jay, what was discussed last week? Anything of substance?

 In the 13 Sep gpc-dev notes (#12):
 > 6. Will SCHILS based SHRINE network be discussed today? (from Jay
 >    a. It will be a smaller discussion since everyone won’t be

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