#530: specs (SAS code) for Cycle 2 of PCORnet Data Characterization
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Comment (by mprittie):

 Here are my notes from the DRN OC call this morning...

 == DRN OC Forum Call (9/19)
 Implementation Guidance: more formal process needed
   - Package into "releases"

 **DC Cycle 2
   - Short timeline may not leave time for ETL changes
   - Nov 2016-~April 2017
   - Quarterly updates, twice per cycle
   - Additional refreshes may be needed for particular studies
   - Prescribing, Dispensing, Lab, death
   - 1 monolithic package (not DQ, DCQ, EDC)
   - Annotated Data Dict moving to REDCap
   - 20 data checks (retired 5, added 8, refined 2)
     - Orphan PATID, replication error, <50% of encs have diags, <50% of
 encs have procs
   - Moving to 1-step approval (no more PTR)
   - Moving from individual discussion to discussion forums
   - Be prepared to refresh after discussion forum

   - Oct 3 - Oct 17: Final round of beta testing (1 DM per CDRN)
   - Oct: Revisions priorities and incorporated if feasible
   - Nov 7: Everything released: Release Query Package v3.02, Data Checks
 v2, and implementation guidance
   - Before Dec 16 (6 weeks): Initial responses due
   - Dec / Jan: DM approvals and analysis of results
   - Jan / Feb: Discussion forum
   - March: Second response due

 Cycle 2 data characterization materials and feedback survey available at

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