For the folks who are using the PCORNET SCILHS I2B2 Ontology for meds, a new 
version was posted yesterday.
However I was told that it represents the Nov2015 version of RXNORM.
We were using the July 2016 version of RXNORM so some things didn't match up - 
so be aware.

In particular, the entry for the c_fullname =  

Quinolones           N             FAE                (null)       
NDFRT:N0000183553       (null)       concept_cd          CONCEPT_DIMENSION     
concept_path      T              LIKE                
(null)       RxNorm CUI \ [am000] antimicrobials \ [am400] quinolones           
  @            11/25/2015 9:13:00 AM   11/25/2015 9:13:00 AM   11/25/2015 
9:13:00 AM         lcp5        (null)       (null)       
\PCORI\MEDICATION\RXNORM_CUI\(N0000029074)~c5pj\ (N0000183553)~8uhl             
   N0000183553      (null)       (null)

was missing from the previous MED ontology.  It is in the current one.

--- Debbie Yoshihara

      University of Wisconsin - Madison
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