Congratulations San Antonio


From: PCORnet OC <>
Date: Friday, February 2, 2018 at 7:16 AM
To: Laura Manuel <>, "'VERHAGEN. edu'" 
<>, Russ Waitman <>
Cc: Allison Haufler <>, Laura Qualls 
<>, Darcy Louzao <>
Subject: UT HSC San Antonio's r010 approved

Good morning

I’m happy to report that C4UTHSCSA's data curation query response for refresh 
10 was approved.   Please retain a static, locked copy of the SAS version of 
the characterized tables and use these data when responding to SAS queries 
issued by the DRN OC or study teams, unless instructed otherwise.  You may 
update the SAS version of the HARVEST Table and the PCORNET_TRIAL Table, as 
well as your RDBMS DataMart as needed.  Please contact the DRN OC if an 
off-cycle refresh is required for any of the tables except for the HARVEST and 

DRN OC Data Curation Team
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