#243: GPC Procedure Ontology: CPT, HCPCS
 Reporter:  rwaitman      |       Owner:  lpatel
     Type:  design-issue  |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  major         |   Milestone:  snow-shrine-2
Component:  data-stds     |  Resolution:
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 Blocking:  411           |
Changes (by lpatel):

 * cc: gpc-dev@… (added)


 == creating Adapter mapping for the procedure.

 Adapter mapping for shrine procedure is created using the following SQL,
 and then converted to CSV  and appended  to existing

   '\\SHRINE'|| so.c_fullname scihls_path
   ,'\\PCORI_PROCEDURE' || ht.c_fullname heron_path
 from SHRINE_ONT.shrine so
 join blueheronmetadata.heron_terms ht
   on replace(so.c_basecode,'ICD10PCS','ICD10') = ht.c_basecode
   so.c_basecode like 'CPT:%'
   or so.c_basecode like 'ICD9:%'
   or so.c_basecode like 'ICD10PCS:%'
   and ht.C_FULLNAME like '\PCORI\PROCEDURE\%';

 * no changes to ontologies.

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