We had a broader list.  We have more details in an internal ticket and yes, as 
Alex says, there are too many options and it's site specific.


On 2/23/18, 11:29 AM, "Phillip Reeder" <phillip.ree...@utsouthwestern.edu> 

    I¹ve looked at the code and implemented something similar here at UTSW.  I
    noticed you only included "New Bag" and ³Given².  What about bolus,IV
    Started, restarted?  Should those be included as well?
    On 1/30/18, 12:12 PM, "GPC Informatics" <d...@madmode.com> wrote:
    >#651: Load infusion data to CDM v 4.0 med_admin table and submit
    > Reporter:  bgryzlak   |       Owner:  rwaitman
    >     Type:  task       |      Status:  new
    > Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  cancer-rcr-1
    >Component:  data-stds  |  Resolution:
    > Keywords:  all-sites  |  Blocked By:  650
    > Blocking:  663        |
    >Changes (by dconnolly):
    > * cc: astoddard, Phillip.Reeder@Š (added)
    > Russ, James and I plan to meet today about our results so far.
    > The code is very much work in progress, but FWIW:
    > https://github.com/kumc-bmi/i2p-transform/blob/luigi-
    > integration-4715/Oracle/med_admin.sql
    > 733d6b2 Jan 29, 2018
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    >gpc-informatics <http://informatics.gpcnetwork.org/>
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