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Subject: IMMEDIATE NEED: CDRN Collaborators for MS Study

CDRN Network Navigators and proposed Autoimmune Disease CRG Leads,

Robert McBurney and his team within the MS-PPRN are seeking CDRNs to assist 
with feasibility, CDM data request, participant/patient recruitment/enrollment, 
participant/patient engagement, investigator expertise, and participant/patient 
expertise on a prospective observational study with the proposed title 
“Comparing Effectiveness of MS DMTs in a Real-World Study”. More details are 
attached with further explanation around each type of collaboration they are 

If you or anyone within your network is interested in collaborating on this 
study, please fill out the response form 
 The deadline for responses is ASAP but before 10/21/2016 as the LOI for this 
study is due November 1.

Thank you,

PCORnet Front Door<>

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