The old syntax works unless have a colon in your snapshot names.  In that case, 
the portion before the first colon will be interpreted as a fileset name.  So 
if you use RFC 3339/ISO 8601 date/times, that’s a problem:

The syntax for creating and deleting snapshots goes from this:

mm{cr|del}snapshot fs100 SNAP@2016-07-31T13:00:07Z –j 1000466

to this:

mm{cr|del}snapshot fs100 1000466:SNAP@2016-07-31T13:00:07Z

If you are dealing with filesystem level snapshots then you just need a leading 

mm{cr|del}snapshot fs100 :SNAP@2016-07-31T13:00:07Z


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I think at least the most popular old forms still work, even if the 
documentation and usage messages were scrubbed.
So generally, for example, neither your scripts nor your fingers will break. ;-)

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Why was mmdelsnapshot (and possibly other snapshot related commands) changed 

Mmdelsnapshot device snapshotname –j filesetname


Mmdelsnapshot device filesetname:snapshotname

..between 4.2.0 and 4.2.1?

It’s mildly irritating to say the least!

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