This is a great idea.  However there are quite a few other things to consider:

-max file count? If you need say a couple of billion files, this will affect 
-wish to store small files in the system pool in late model SS/GPFS? 
-encryption?  No data will be stored in the system pool so large blocks for 
small file storage in system is pointless. 
-system pool replication?
-HDD vs SSD for system pool?
-xxD or array tuning recommendations from your vendor?
-streaming vs random IO? Do you have a single dedicated app that has 
performance like xxx?
-probably more I can't think of off the top of my head.  etc etc


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Is it needed to specify a different blocksize for the system pool that
holds the metadata?

IBM recommends a 1 MB blocksize for the file system.
But I wonder a smaller blocksize (256 KB or so) for metadata is a good
idea or not...

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