Currently our file system is down due to down/unrecovered disks. We try to start the disks again with mmchdisk, but when we do this, we see this error in our mmfs.log:

Mon Oct 17 15:28:18.122 2016: [E] smallRead VIO failed due to uncorrectable read error in vdisk nsd11_MetaData_8M_3p_2 vtrack 33630 vsector 34437120 number of vsectors 1024 segments 0 to 16 startBufOffset 0 endB
ufOffset 1023 vtrkOffset 0 vioLen 524288

This is a 3-way replicated vdisk, and not one of the recovering disks, but this disk is in 'up' state..

Does someone has a clue what we could to recover our fs?



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