I am currently trying to understand an issue with ACLs and how GPFS handles the 
The filesystem is configured for NFS4 ACLs only (-k nfs4), filesets have been 
configured for chmodAndUpdateACL and the access is through a native GPFS client 

If I create a new file in a directory, which has an ACE with inheritance, the 
configured umask on the shell is completely ignored.
The new file only contains ACEs from the inherited ACL.
As soon as the ACE with inheritance is removed, newly created files receive the 
correct configured umask.
Obvious downside, no ACLs anymore :(

Additionally, it looks like that the specified mode bits for an open call are 
ignored as well.
E.g. with an strace I see, that the open call includes the correct mode bits. 
However, the new file only has inherited ACEs.

According to the NFSv4 RFC, the behavior is more or less undefined, only with 
NFSv4.2 umask will be added to the protocol.
For GPFS, I found a section in the traditional ACL administration section, but 
nothing in the NFS4 ACL section of the docs.

Is my current observation the intended behavior of GPFS?


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