The GPFS Day of the HPCXXL conference is confirmed for Thursday, 
September 28th. Here is an updated URL, the agenda and registration are still 
being put together 
<http://hpcxxl.org/summer-2017-meeting-september-24-29-new-york-city/>. The 
GPFS Day will require registration, so we can make sure there is enough room 
(and coffee/food) for all attendees —however, there will be no registration fee 
if you attend the GPFS Day only.

        I’ll send another update when the agenda is closer to settled.


> On Jul 7, 2017, at 3:32 PM, Kristy Kallback-Rose <k...@lbl.gov> wrote:
> Hello,
>   More details will be provided as they become available, but just so you can 
> make a placeholder on your calendar, there will be a Spectrum Scale Day the 
> week of September 25th - 29th, likely Thursday, September 28th. 
>   This will be a part of the larger HPCXXL meeting 
> (https://www.spxxl.org/?q=New-York-City-2017 
> <https://www.spxxl.org/?q=New-York-City-2017>). You may recall this group was 
> formerly called SPXXL and the website is in the process of transitioning to 
> the new name (and getting a new certificate). You will be able to attend 
> *just* the Spectrum Scale day if that is the only portion of the event you 
> would like to attend. 
>   The NYC location is great for Spectrum Scale events because many IBMers, 
> including developers, can come in from Poughkeepsie.
>   More as we get closer to the date and details are settled.
> Cheers,
> Kristy

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