Let's give Fujitsu an opportunity to answer with some facts and re-pose 
their questions. 

When I first read the complaint, I kinda assumed they were using mmbackup 
and TSM -- but then I noticed words about some gpfs_XXX apis.... So it 
looks like this Fujitsu fellow is "rolling his own"...  NOT using 
mmapplypolicy.  And we don't know if he is backing up to an old paper tape 
punch device or what ! 
He's just saying that whatever it is that he did took 60 days...   Can you 
get from here to there faster? Sure, take an airplane instead of walking!

My other remark which had a typo was and is:

There have many satisfied customers and installations of Spectrum Scale 
File System using mmbackup and/or Tivoli Storage Manager.

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