For at least one of the instances reported by this group, a PMR has been
opened, and a fix is being developed. For folks that are getting affected
by the problem: Please contact the service team to confirm your problem is
the same as the one previously reported, and for an outlook for the
availability of the fix.



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From:   Bryan Banister <>
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Date:   02/08/2018 04:11 PM
Subject:        Re: [gpfsug-discuss] mounts taking longer in 4.2 vs 4.1?
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It may be related to this issue of using root squashed file system option,
here are some edited comments from my colleague who stumbled upon this
while chatting with a friend at a CUG:

" Something I learned last week:  apparently the libmount code from
util-linux (used by /bin/mount) will call utimensat() on new mountpoints if
access() fails (for example, on root-squashed filesystems).  This is done
"just to be sure" that the filesystem is really read-only.  This operation
can be quite expensive and (anecdotally) may cause huge slowdowns when
mounting root-squashed parallel filesystems on thousands of clients.

Here is the relevant code:

This code has been in util-linux for years.

It's not clear exactly what the impact is in our environment, but this
certainly can't be helping, especially since we've grown the size of the
cluster considerably. Mounting GPFS has recently really become a slow and
disruptive operation – if you try to mount many clients at once, the FS
will hang for a considerable period of time.

The timing varies, but here is one example from an isolated mounting

12:09:11.222513 mount("<gpfs_fs>", "<mount_point>", "gpfs", MS_MGC_VAL,
"dev=<gpfs_cluster>"...) = 0 <1.590217>
12:09:12.812777 access("<mount_point>", W_OK) = -1 EACCES (Permission
denied) <0.000022>
12:09:12.812841 utimensat(AT_FDCWD, "<mount_point>", \{UTIME_NOW,
\{93824994378048, 1073741822}}, 0) = -1 EPERM (Operation not permitted)
Here, the utimensat() took ~3 seconds, almost twice as long as the mount
operation! I also suspect it will slow down other clients trying to mount
the filesystem since the sgmgr has to process this write attempt to the

(Hilariously, it still returns the "wrong" answer, because this filesystem
is not read-only, just squashed.)

As of today, the person who originally brought the issue to my attention at
CUG has raised it for discussion on the util-linux mailing list.

We ended up putting facls on our mountpoints like such, which hacked around
this stupidity:
for fs in gpfs_mnt_point ; do
  chmod 1755 $fs
  setfacl -m u:99:rwx $fs  # 99 is the "nobody" uid to which root is
mapped--see "mmauth" output

Hope that helps,

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Hi Loic,

Thank you for that information!

I have two follow up questions--
1. Are you using ccr?
2. Do you happen to have mmsdrserv disabled in your environment? (e.g.
what's the output of "mmlsconfig mmsdrservPort" on your cluster?).


On Thu, 8 Feb 2018, Loic Tortay wrote:

> On 07/02/2018 22:28, Aaron Knister wrote:
>> I noticed something curious after migrating some nodes from 4.1 to 4.2
>> which is that mounts now can take foorrreeevverrr. It seems to boil down
>> to the point in the mount process where getEFOptions is called.
>> To highlight the difference--
> [...]
> Hello,
> I have had this (or a very similar) issue after migrating from to
> 4.2.3.  There are 37 filesystems in our main cluster, which made the
> really noticeable.
> A PMR has been opened.  I have tested the fixes included in,
> I'm told, should be released today) actually resolve my problems (APAR
> IJ03192 & IJ03235).
> Loïc.
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