More recent versions of mmfind support an -xargs option...  Run mmfind 
--help and see:

   -xargs [-L maxlines] [-I rplstr] COMMAND

      Similar to find ... | xargs [-L x] [-I r] COMMAND

      but COMMAND executions may run in parallel. This is preferred
      to -exec. With -xargs mmfind will run the COMMANDs in phase subject 
      mmapplypolicy options -m, -B, -N. Must be the last option to mmfind

This gives you the fully parallelized power of mmapplypolicy without 
having to write SQL rules nor scripts.

From:   John Hearns <>
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Date:   02/21/2018 11:00 PM
Subject:        [gpfsug-discuss] mmfind - a ps.
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Ps. Her is how to get mmfind to run some operation on the files it finds.
(I installed mmfind in /usr/local/bin)
I find this very hacky, though I suppose it is idiomatic bash
while read filename
   echo -n   $filename " "
done <<< "`/usr/local/bin/mmfind  /hpc/bscratch -type f`"
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