this parameter is just for administrative commands.. "where" to send the output of a command...
and for those admin ports .. so called ephemeral ports... it depends , how much admin commands ( = sessions  = sockets)  you want to run in parallel

in my experience.. 10 ports is more than enough
we use those in a range from 50000-50010

to be clear ..
demon - to - demon .. communication always uses 1191


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Date:        03/06/2018 06:55 PM
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We are looking at setting a value for tscCmdPortRange so that we can apply firewalls to a small number of GPFS nodes in one of our clusters.
The docs don’t give an indication on the number of ports that are required to be in the range. Could anyone make a suggestion on this?
It doesn’t appear as a parameter for “mmchconfig -i”, so I assume that it requires the nodes to be restarted, however I’m not clear if we could do a rolling restart on this?
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