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According to the man page for mmaddcallback:

A local
         event triggers a callback only on the node on which the
         event occurred, such as mounting a file system on one of
         the nodes.

We have two GPFS clusters here (well, three if you count our small test 
cluster).  Cluster one has 8 NSD servers and one client, which is used only for 
tape backup … i.e. no one logs on to any of the nodes in the cluster.  Files on 
it are accessed one of three ways:  1) CNFS mount to local computer, 2) SAMBA 
mount to local computer, 3) GPFS multi-cluster remote mount to cluster two.  On 
cluster one there is a user callback for softQuotaExceeded that e-mails the 
user … and that we know works.

Cluster two has two local GPFS filesystems and over 600 clients natively 
mounting those filesystems (it’s our HPC cluster).  I’m trying to implement a 
similar callback for softQuotaExceeded events on cluster two as well.  I’ve 
tested the callback by manually running the (Python) script and passing it in 
the parameters I want and it works - I get the e-mail.  Then I added it via 
mmcallback, but only on the GPFS servers.

I did that because I thought that since callbacks work on cluster one with no 
local access to the GPFS servers that “local” must mean “when an NSD server 
does a write that puts the user over quota”.  However, on cluster two the 
callback is not being triggered.  Does this mean that I actually need to 
install the callback on every node in cluster two?  If so, then how / why are 
callbacks working on cluster one?



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