And I have fixed my own issue...         In the chroot environment:         
mount -t proc /proc /proc
Rookie mistake. Head hung in shame.
But I beg forgiveness. My first comps Sci lecturer, Jennifer Haselgrove at 
Glasgow, taught us an essential programming technique on day one.
Always discuss your program with your cat. Sit down with him or her, and talk 
them through the algorithm, and any bugs which you have.
It is a very effective technique.  I thank you all for being stand-in cats.

As an aside, I will not be at the London meeting next week. Would be good to 
put some faces to names, and to seek out beer. I am sure IBMers can point you 
all in the correct direction for that.

From: John Hearns
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Subject: Installer cannot find

I am running the SpectrumScale install package on an chrooted image which is a 
RHEL 7.3 install (in -text-only mode)
It fails with:
/usr/lpp/mmfs/ error while loading 
shared libraries: cannot open shared object file:

In the past I have fixed java issuew with the installer by using the 
'alternatives' mechanism to switch to another java.
This time this does not work.

Ideas please... and thankyou in advance.
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