Hi Nick,

You are correct.  You need to update the nsddevices file to look in /dev/mapper.


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Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this has been covered already in discussions.

I'm building a new spectrum scale cluster and I am trying to get consistent 
device names across all nodes. I am attempting to use aliases in the 
multipath.conf which actually works and creates the /dev/mapper/<disk name> 

I understand you can also copy the bindings file but I think aliases is 
probably easier to maintain.

However Spectrum scale will not accept the /dev/mapper device it only looks for 
dm-X devices that are in the /proc/partitions file. I know SONAS is pointing to 
Device mapper so there must be a way?

Im looking at the /var/mmfs/etc/nsddevices is it a case of editing this file to 
find the /dev/mapper device?

Appreciate the help in advance,



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