Hi Dorigo,
What do you mean have Spectrum Scale on top of NetApp? Do you create LUNs on NetApp and assign through FCP/SCSI to Linux servers?
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Hello everyone,

I have:

 - A NetApp system with hardware RAID

 - SpectrumScale 4.2.3-13 running on top of the NetApp

 - A GL2 system with ESS (Spectrum Scale 5.0.2-1)


What I need to do is to merge the GL2 in the other GPFS cluster (running on the NetApp) without loosing, of course, the RecoveryGroup configuration, etc.


I'd like to ask the experts

  1. whether it is feasible, considering the difference in the GPFS versions, architectures differences (x86_64 vs. power)
  2. if yes, whether anyone already did something like this and what is the best strategy suggested
  3. finally: is there any documentation dedicated to that, or at least inspiring the correct procedure ?
Thank you very much,
   Alvise Dorigo
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