I am making an android app in java that can do bulb capture, it's not using
libgphoto2, but instead using the hex codes the cameras support. The problem
is the Canon EDSDK documentation does not give the hex values the camera
needs for EosRemoteRelease full press, half press, etc.

How does libgphoto2 send this information to the camera? Is it a hex value
or something else?

This is how what I'm trying to do is done with gphoto2:

gphoto2 --wait-event=2s --set-config eosremoterelease=Immediate
--wait-event=5s --set-config eosremoterelease=Off

This is how I'm doing it in my java app:

EosRemoteReleaseOn = 0x9128;
EosRemoteReleaseOff = 0x9129;

However it is doing nothing. I think because I am not passing the
"immediate" value to the camera over USB PTP. However, I cannot simply pass
it to the camera as "immediate", there must be a numerical value for it.
Where in gphoto2 can I find this numerical value? I searched the entire
codebase for gphoto2 but can't find where this is handled at all. 

And when you set this in gphoto2:
set-config bulb=1
set-config bulb=0

What is that changing? Where is it located? How is it affecting the PTP Hex
Codes being sent to the camera?

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