Quoting Tiago de Paula Peixoto (2016-09-21 17:45:32)
> On 21.09.2016 14:53, Patrick Totzke wrote:
> >>> Is there a better way to filter my graphs than writing a custom
> >>> `GraphView` subclass for it?
> >>
> >> You can just use the set_edge/vertex_filter() methods of Graph.et
> > 
> > Yes, but as far as I understand one cannot add multiple vertex-filters
> > right? I mean in order to solve my problem recursively on subgraphs,
> > I can of course set a filter and then recur. But then "setting a
> > filter" would amount to amending an already existing one...
> You can just keep several copies of the mask, and compose them by hand:
>     old_mask = g.get_vertex_filter()[0]
>     mask = old_mask.copy()
>     for v in sub_graph_vertices:
>         mask[v] = False
>     g.set_vertex_filter(mask)
>     # now g does no longer contains those vertices
> It is easy to do this recursively, and it amounts to what is actually done
> with GraphView, although it is less elegant.

Cool, thanks for this and also for the detailed pointers re parallelisation!
Best wishes,
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