On 09.08.2017 18:04, topinsky wrote:
> I attached the plots. As you can see the model always use a few (nonempty)
> blocks from 6 to 9. 
> But at the same time amount of different marginal states (with positive
> probabilities) 
> for some vertices are around 70 (almost the all potential 77 =
> g.num_vertices()).
> Which means that during independent runs model can get new set of 6 to 9
> blocks but 
> just with some other labels of it. This is what I meant by: 
> "May be it's just the result of independent launches of mcmc algorithm and
> random nature of groups labelling?"

Oh, the actual vertex labels are not meaningful. You can just re-label them
in a contiguous range before computing the histogram.

> Is there any way how to do sampling without specifying exact B? 
> But rather with sampling of B as it described in
> https://arxiv.org/pdf/1705.10225.pdf Ch. IV. ? 

This is exactly what happens; this is why your histogram has many values of
non-empty groups.

(The number of total groups, including empty ones, will always grow as


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