Good morning T.Paula Piexoto and first of all : thank you for the great job
you’v already done with graph-tool.

I am physicist and I am trying to deal with multilayer large (|E|=10^6)
graphs. This largeness is basically the reason why i get seduced by

I am trying to find a way to *creat* and *filter* graphs G(E,V,D) according
to the dimension D of sets of nodes and keep edges between them to perform
common mono-layer graph’s operations with it. 

Multilayered-network with dimension D in (1,2,3,4), each layers C(D) are
linked with each other with edges. (Reference : )

I’m asking myself if you have designed such a thing in graph-tool and if,
maybe, you have some examples to show how to do that.

I hope I didn’t missed this case in the documentation you have provided…

Best regards

M. Vigouroux

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