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Hey Kevin, Pulu is right you want to have all webapps in the
CLUSTER_SERVERS list but only have localhost in CARBONLINK_HOSTS. Sorry
for the confusing configuration options, here is a bit of explanation
behind them.

CLUSTER_SERVERS defines "all webapps in this cluster". In order for one
webapp to ask another for data, they both have to be in this list, on
both servers.

CARBONLINK_HOSTS defines "all carbon-caches this webapp will query"
which should only be local carbon-cache instances. In most cases the
default of "" (the default query port for carbon-cache is
7002) is fine. In some high-volume cases where carbon-cache becomes cpu
bound you want to run multiple instances of it on each server to spread
the cpu load across cores. In that case you need to list each carbon-
cache's query listener here.

Regarding the memcached configuration, just list the memcached listener
of every memcached instance in the cluster in MEMCACHE_HOSTS list. The
memcache client shards the cache data across all the servers in the
cluster by hashing the cache keys.

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