#3120: Suggested change to default settings and missing requirements
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Comment (by neteler):

 Replying to [ticket:3120 ewcgrass]:
 > Default settings:
 > Compiling Grass72 svn resulted in non-working r.in.lidar, v.in.lidar,
 v.out.postgis and v.buffer due to default settings that exclude geos,
 liblas and postgres support. In light that these are available in generic
 binaries, perhaps those default settings should be changed from "no" to
 "yes" in the source files?

 IMHO no because these libraries are not easily available on *all*
 supported platforms.
 And not all users need LiDAR support. We try to keep the default settings
 at a minimum.

 > Missing items in requirements list:
 > Compilation was also made needlessly difficult due to missing laszip and
 libgeotiff requirements (their -devel equivalents).

 Do you refer to


 libgeotiff is included in GDAL. laszip is definitely an optional package
 for liblas.

 > Also, it was necessary to make links to original files to create
 required libboost_program_option.so and libboost_thread.so, which may be
 present on some Linux
 > systems, but not in older Fedora distros.

 This is a known packaging bug in some Fedora package (maybe solved since

 > Perhaps the former could be added to the requirements list, and changes
 (or advise to users) made to accommodate latter?

 Perhaps better to add that here since it is distro specific knowledge:

 > Otherwise, great job GRASS developers!


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