On 01/12/16 08:49, Markus Metz wrote:

r.to.vect converts only non-null cells, no mask needed, at least for me
in trunk.

Weird, I waws convinced that I saw otherwise before, but now I can confirm. Sorry for the noise...

>2. reproject these vector points to the target location

I locally modified v.proj to add a 'Don't build topology' flag.

Is there any indication against this ?


Ok, added in trunk with r69960.

>The method options of r.in.xyz <http://r.in.xyz> could be added to
r.proj for spatial
>aggregation, but that would mean that most of the code of r.in.xyz
>need to be copied to r.proj, then adapted. That would be an interesting
>enhancement, also considering that gdalwarp offers as resampling
>near, bilinear, cubic, cubicspline, lanczos, average, mode, max, min,
>Q1, Q3.

But it doesn't offer sum....

True, but it offers statistical aggregates. And for average, you need to
have the sum internally anyway, then divide by the cell count (number of
source cells falling into the current target cell), at least this is how
I imagine how average would be calculated.

True ;-)


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