#3388: Legacy appstream metadata
 Reporter:  Bas Couwenberg  |      Owner:  grass-dev@…
     Type:  defect          |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal          |  Milestone:  7.2.2
Component:  Default         |    Version:  7.2.1
 Keywords:  appstream       |        CPU:  Unspecified
 Platform:  Linux           |
 The [https://www.freedesktop.org/software/appstream/docs/chap-
 Metadata.html AppSteam] metadata is installed in the legacy location
 (`/usr/share/appdata`), it should now be installed in

 The `.appdata.xml` file should now be named `.metainfo.xml`, and the
 syntax has changed.

 There are a couple of validation issues reported:
 $ appstreamcli validate gui/icons/grass.appdata.xml
 W - grass.appdata.xml:grass.desktop:4
     The component ID is not a reverse domain-name. Please update the ID
 and that of
     the accompanying .desktop file to follow the latest version of the
     and AppStream specifications and avoid future issues.

 E - grass.appdata.xml:grass.desktop
     The component is missing a name (<name/> tag).

 E - grass.appdata.xml:grass.desktop:9
     The description contains an URL. This is not allowed, please use the
 <url/> tag
     to share links.

 Validation failed: errors: 2, warnings: 1

 The changes to the AppStream metadata are likely to trigger changes to the
 `.desktop` file too (e.g. the reverse domain ID).

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