Hi everyone!

Here is the tenth report of my GSoC project - SOS tools in GRASS GIS. You
can see my project at wiki at [1]

What did you get done this week?

* flag for deleting vector maps created as intermediates
       main commits: [2]
* importing vectors and values in one step
       main commits: [3]
* importing vectors and values in one step
       main commits: [4]
All modules
* not stop when using just -g flag
       main commits: [5]
* code cleaning and manuals updates
A little pull request for istSOS
* allow user to define offering in csv2istsos
       main commits: [6]

What do you plan on doing next week?

* I hope that me, Luca and Pietro will solve somehow a problem with layers
in pygrass (if possible, I would like to rewrite t.vect.in.sos and v.in.sos
to support layers)
* t.rast.in.sos

Are you blocked on anything?

* Yes. I am blocked on an unexpected behaviour of Vector and VectorTopo
classes in pyGRASS. We are trying to solve it and we have contacted also
Pietro Zambelli, so I hope in a good ending. Due to this I am little bit in
delay, but I have a little buffer in my timeline and I have some sketches
of future code for t.rast.in.sos, so I hope that it will be quick after
solving those problems.


[1] https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/GSoC/2017/SOSInGRASS
[6] https://github.com/istSOS/istsos2/pull/19
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