#3396: db.in.ogr fails with .dbf files created with Visual Foxpro
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Component:  Database     |    Version:  7.2.1
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 Platform:  MSWindows 7  |
 Import of .dbf table created with Visual Foxpro ends with "ERROR: Input
 DSN <C:\mytable.dbf> not found or not readable" . The problem is probably
 related to the .dbf file header where file structure is described

 When  I converted the problematic table in Visual Foxpro environment to
 Foxpro 2.x format (command COPY TO mytable_fox26x TYPE FOX2X), then
 dbf.in.ogr works.

 If fixing the issue is complicated, then I suggest to add a note to manual
 that "dBASE tables created with Visual Foxpro are not supported" and a
 recommendation how to proceede.

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