#3488: v.in.ogr mangeling of column names when imporing OSM geojson extracts
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 Priority:  normal    |  Milestone:  7.4.1
Component:  Vector    |    Version:  svn-releasebranch74
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 Platform:  Linux     |
 I tried to import geojson extracts from http://overpass-turbo.eu/ with the
 query `highway=* and type:way` for the area of Bonn. When importing it
 with v.in.ogr appeared:

 Error in sqlite3_prepare():
 duplicate column name: sloped_curb_end

 This happens whenever changing the column names from  name:name to
 name_name, and whenever name_name is already existing in the dataset, it
 stops and gives an error.

 It would be nice to find a different solution while changing : of the
 initial column names, maybe with whenever changing a : into _ adding a 1
 at the end of the new name in order to prevent the creation of duplicates.

 Geojson file attached.

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