#789: g.region option to expand the computational region of about "some" pixels?
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Comment (by lucadelu):

 Replying to [comment:20 mmetz]:
 > The number of pixels is just a number, not a coordinate, therefore the
 new option should be of type TYPE_DOUBLE and scanned with sscanf(), not
 G_scan_easting()/G_scan_northing(). Should top and bottom also be

 Thanks Markus, I modify the patch with your suggestion, just one question,
 why TYPE_DOUBLE and not INTEGER (I used INT)?
 because the number of pixels should be integer, I don't think is good idea
 to permit to add 2.5 pixels ;-)

 However I have no answer about top/bottom, I never used them. I try to run

 g.region t=t+8


 g.region t=800

 but nothing changed in the output of g.region -p, so no idea...

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