Hi Moritz,

We are about to compare results from the two addons...
Unfortunately, I missed some details, so the manual page is not online yet 
(issues should be fixed now).

The main additions, compared to i.spec.unmix are 
 - three alternative endmember detection algorithms
 - (at least) two additional algorithms for spectral unmixing (Unconstrained 
least squares and fully constrained least squares (with the latter, pixels 
values in the resulting maps sum up to 1).

I should probably also mention, that i.pysptools.unmix allows to write out 
detected end members in a format that i.spec.unmix understands. So the modules 
can be complementary...


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On 06/02/18 23:37, Stefan Blumentrath wrote:
> Dear all,
> I just committed a new addon (i.pysptools.unmix) which is a wrapper 
> around the endmember extraction and spectral unmixing functionality in 
> the pysptools python library [1].
> Feedback will be gladly received!

Great, thanks a lot ! How does it compare to i.spec.unmix ? I assume it adds 
more algorithms ?

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